Progress toward unified relief support data gathering.

  Jan 21, 2024

On December 28th, DPNet arranged a meeting with SWC's Member Secretary, Manoj Bhatta, with attendees such as DPNet Chair Surya Bahadur Thapa, Vice Chair Dr. Raju Thapa, Kedar Neuapne, DPNet Advisor and Former Secretary of the Government of Nepal, and Dipendra Prasad DC, Secretary of the NGO Federation. The primary agenda was the development of a standardized 5W format for gathering data on relief support. DPNet presented a 5W form currently in use by DPNet, UN Agencies, AIN Members, and partner organizations to collect such data. After the presentation, Mr. Bhatta said that SWC's separate data collection format for internal compliance purpose but he expressed interest in assessing the 5W form presented by DPNet for potential integration of additional fields, aiming for a unified format. He suggested consulting NDRRMA for further insights. Subsequently, the DPNet team arranged meeting with NDRRMA officials, including a Spokesperson, who agreed to schedule a meeting on January 2nd at the NDRRMA hall. The proposed meeting aims to include representatives from MoHA, MoFAGA, UNRCO, UNDP, AIN, AINTGDM, DPNet, IFRC, NRCS, Start Fund Network, HRRP, and other pertinent stakeholders to finalize the relief support data collection form. NDRRMA aims to incorporate the relief support form as an annex to the revised version of the relief standard, providing it with legal validation.