Thematic Area

Coordination and Networking

DPNet-Nepal established as a loose network, acts a bridge between government agencies and CSO’s, I/NGO’s to collaborate and coordinate for effective disaster risk reduction and management in the country. Coordination and networking being one of the major thematic area of the organization, it coordinates, establishes and enhances its networking with government agencies, global networks and 95 member organization, comprising of I/NGOs, academia and UN agencies. The network mainly coordinates to organize policy dialogues, lesson learned workshops, capacity building programs and meetings to promote and advocate pertinent contextual issues and share the experiences of disaster risk reduction and management in national levels.

Knowledge Management

DPNet-Nepal has been hosting its slogan of ‘Fostering Knowledge on Disaster Management’. Since its establishment, DPNet-Nepal, has served as a platform and warehouse of knowledge sharing and management on disaster risk reduction and management. It actively collects and documents best practices and share learning's at national and international level. Interaction and learning sharing workshops, publication and translation of DRR relevant international guidelines and documents, international day celebration and IEC material publication are some adoptive means of DPNet-Nepal for knowledge management.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building Capacity building of trainers and practitioners in DRR&M is a priority area of DPNet-Nepal. DPNet-Nepal includes training of trainers and training program in its annual program and organizes accordingly. Considering the need and context, basically, the capacity building programs of the organization are offered to member organizations and individuals working in the field of DRR&M. DPNet-Nepal coordinates with AINTGDM and member organizations for the financial and technical support to deliver the intended program.

Policy Advocacy

Advocating for DRR&M related issues and policy advocacy on contextual issues are major activities under Policy Advocacy. DPNet-Nepal organizes discussions and orientations on policy, plans and legislations apart from the usual technical support for policy formulation, revision and promulgation. Media partnership, initiating campaigns, workshops and orientations, and use of national platforms are some means of policy and advocacy adopted by DPNet-Nepal. DPNet-Nepal usually organizes interaction for advocacy program with wide range of stakeholders including, CSO’s, Academia, I/NGO’s, Donors, UN agencies and Members of Parliament.