Sphere Nepal

Sphere Nepal

Sphere Nepal is an initiation of DPNet-Nepal for institutionalizing Sphere Standard in Nepal. It’s a loose forum within DPNet-Nepal. Sphere Coordination Committee is formed by Sphere Nepal led by the General Secretary of DPNet-Nepal.

DPNet-Nepal as a country focal point for Sphere in Nepal has conducted various activities to institutionalize the Sphere in Nepal. In 2004 the first edition of the hand book was introduced in Nepal and DPNet-Nepal had worked for its translation and publication by adopting it in Nepalese context. DPNet-Nepal has also translated, published and disseminated the Sphere hand book.

Initiatives of Sphere Nepal

Translation of Sphere Handbook edition- 2018
Link- https://www.dpnet.org.np/news/detail/nepali-version-of-sphere-handbook-2018-handover-program

Translation of Sphere Handbook edition- 2011

Translation of Sphere Handbook edition- 2004

Translation of Sphere Applying Humanitarian Standards to fight COVID-19

Translation of the Sphere Standards and the Corona Virus Response

Formation of Sphere Coordination Committee- 2019
Link: https://www.dpnet.org.np/news/detail/formation-of-sphere-coordination-committee

Nepali Version of Sphere Book Launch- 2020
Link: https://www.dpnet.org.np/news/detail/nepali-version-of-sphere-handbook-launch-program

Sphere Training of Trainers- 2020 (news)
Link- https://www.dpnet.org.np/news/detail/sphere-training-of-trainers

Province level Sphere Standard Training (news)- 2020
Link : https://www.dpnet.org.np/news/detail/province-level-sphere-training

Province level Sphere Standard Training (news)- 2021

Province level Sphere Sensitization event (news)- 2020
Link: https://www.dpnet.org.np/news/detail/sphere-standard-sensitization-program

Handover of Sphere Handbook- 2018
Link- https://www.dpnet.org.np/news/detail/nepali-version-of-sphere-handbook-2018-handover-program


DPNet Nepal - Sphere Standard Initiatives
Link: https://youtu.be/GxIhEK6OM2I

Other Sphere related activities:

Training of Trainers on Core Humanitarian Standards- (Sphere/Core Humanitarian Standards and Needs Assessment)-2014

Sensitization workshop on Sphere and other Humanitarian Standard-2014
National Consultation on Joint Standard Initiative (JSI) in Nepal (Sphere, HAP and People in Aid)-2013