Municipal Level Sphere Standard Training-Nepalgunj

  Nov 24, 2021

Three days Municipal Level Sphere Standard Training for Local Level Representatives and Humanitarian Practitioners was organized by DPNet-Nepal. The event was organized in Nepalgunj from 14-16 November 2021. Altogether 27 participants disaggregated as 17 man and 10 women, participated in the training, 25 participants were from 5 working municipalities of the Tayar Nepal namely, Nilkantha, Bhimeshwor, Rajapur, Birendranagar, Dullu and 2 participants were from member organization of DPNet-Nepal.
The three days training program was initiated by sharing the introduction of DPNet-Nepal, the Sphere training and training objectives by Ms. Luna Khadka, Program Coordinator of DPNet-Nepal. Ms. Shakti Gurung and Mr. Bishnu Timilsina Resource Person of the training facilitated the training sessions as per the approved scheduled from USAID/Tayar Nepal. Ms. Luna Khadka facilitated to organize the program and also supported in facilitating the training session. Sessions of the training are as below:
Sessions on day1- STP-3, what is a sphere- standards in context; STP-6 Core Humanitarian Standard, STP -7; WASH, STP-8; Food Security and Nutrition, STP- 11; using sphere in practice.
On day 2 - It was introduced about STP- 9; Shelter and Settlement, STP-10; Health, STP- 14; Sphere and MEAL, STP-15; Prevention from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA), STP-16; Sphere and Coordination. It was further discussed about the concept of GESI and GESI in Emergency GESI mainstreaming in Humanitarian Response and DRR.
On day 3rd-  STP -12; Sphere and Program Cycle, STP- 17; Sphere, Cash, and Market, STP-18; Sphere and the Humanitarian Standards Partnership, STP-19; Advocacy, realizing the full potential of Sphere and STP-20; Evaluation and wrap up.
Participants were divided into different groups for reporting entertaining and time keeping in rotation basis in participatory way.
Mr. Ram Prasad Bhattarai, EC member of DPNet-Nepal was present in the program for observing and monitoring. The training participants thanked DPNet-Nepal for conducting the training and shared that the NDRRMA needs to take initiation to institutionalize Sphere in Nepal. They also shared that DPNet should request MoHA for circulating letters to all agencies for implementing Sphere Standard in the country. Similarly, they said that the decision makers Members of Parliament and bureaucrats should be sensitized about the importance of Sphere Standard in Nepal. They also shared that Sphere Standard should be considered as dictionary and always be carried by humanitarian practitioners. The training facilitators also shared that they had an opportunity to learn from diverse participant from different Municipalities.
Mr. Dirgha Prasad Upadhyaya, Assistant CDO of Banke District was present in the closing session. He said that we need to work in disaster and such trainings can be organized to capacitate human resources and extended in wider level. He said that there is a need to work on hardware programs instead of only organizing software programs. He further added that disasters in Nepal has caused huge loss and damage and the loss are due to lack of studies and research, so, our activities should be conducted considering the environment.
Mr. Ram Prasad Bhattarai, EC member of DPNet-Nepal thanked everyone for the active participation and he also shared about DPNet-Nepal, USAID/Tayar Nepal supported project in Nepal and closed the program.
The event was organized under Chhemata Abhibridhhi Project (Capacity enhancement for DRRM) supported by USAID/Tayar Nepal.