National Symposium-IDDR 2018

  Oct 15, 2018

National Symposium IDDR 2018 News


The National Symposium on the occasion of IDDR 2018 was called by Ministry of Home Affairs, coordinated by DPNet-Nepal and organized by Nepal Geological Society in association with AINTGDM and various stakeholders on 13th October 2018. With reference to the decision of International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) working group to mark the IDDR 2018 in a remarkable way, the symposium program was organized as a main part of the weeklong programs to mark the IDDR 2018.  UNDP and Department of water resources and Irrigation supported to organize the program. Hon. Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa "Badal" was present in the program as a chief guest, whereas, secretary of Ministry of Home affairs Mr. Prem Kumar Rai, CEO of NRA Mr. Sushil Gyawali, Joint Secretary and Chief of Disaster and Conflict Management Division, MoHA, Ms. Indu Ghimire, Executive Director of Municipality Association of Nepal Mr. Kala Nidhi Devkota and  Chairperson of President Chure-Terai Madhesh Conservation Board Mr. Birendra Yadav were present as a guest. The program was successfully organized with the wider participation of approximate 150 participants representing Government agency, DPNet-Nepal, Academia, NGO's, AINTGDM, Municipality Association of Nepal and Private sectors. The slogan of the program was as; "Increase Investment in Disaster Reduction, Reduce the Economic Loss" .

Major highlights of the IDDR Rally 2018

  • The program was divided in Inaugural session and two technical sessions.
  • The program was initiated with the invitation of guest to the Dias, followed by National Anthem and moment of silence dedicated to the people around the world who lost their lives in various disasters.
  • Dr. Kabi Raj Paudel delivered welcome remarks, sharing the brief introduction about IDDR and sating that disaster in developing country like Nepal is loss in political, economical. Social and environmental aspect. He also shared that there should be environment friendly technology with reference to the geological features to reduce the economic loss.
  • The program was formally inaugurated by Hon. Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa by lighting the lamp.
  • Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa, Chairperson of DPNet-Nepal, briefly introduced DPNet-Nepal, NPDRR and it's function. He shared that, this year, the IDDR main event is organized in slightly different way in coordination with various stakeholders. He also shared that huge resources is used in rescue and relief in comparison to preparedness and risk reduction. His remark was emphasized on the effective implementation of DRR&M Act, NDRR Policy and NDDRR Strategic Action Plan and land use planning.
  • Invited speakers of the program (Mr. Vijay Singh, Assistant CD, UNDP, Mr. Birendra Yadav, Chairperson, PCTMCDB, Mr. Kala Nidhi Devkota, ED Municipality Association of Nepal Mr. Sushil Gyawali, CEO NRA,) shared their remarks in line to the slogan of IDDR 2018.
  • Mr. Prem Kumar Rai, Secretary of Ministry of Home affairs said that NDMA will be established this year. Furthermore, he added that local level can modify the legal documents and prepare their own. He also shared that, though there are many organizations working on DRR, Nepal is still back in data management and everything is scattered, so there is a need of disaster information in one basket.
  • Hon. Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa "Badal", chief guest shared that the loss due to disaster is not only due to nature, but due to the negligence of people, so we need to think on reducing the loss and preventive measures and identify the sectors for investing on DRR and increase the investment accordingly. He also shared that establishment of NDMA is important and will be established soon and believes that together we can reduce the loss of disaster.
  • With the remarks of chief guest, Inaugural session was closed and technical session was initiated. 10 presentations from Ministry of Home Affairs, NGS, TU, ICIMOD, DPNet-Nepal/AINTGDM, PCTMCDB, NSET, DMG, NRA and Himalayan Research Centre were incorporated in the technical session. The presentation below were shared in the program.


  • The program was closed with remarks of Dr. Kamala Kant Acharya, General Secretary of Nepal Geological Society.