National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR)- Meeting

  Jan 04, 2019


DPNet-Nepal as a secretariat of National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR) chaired by Secretary of Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), organized the NPDRR meeting on 31st December 2018. The program was supported by DCA. Altogether 95 representatives disaggregated as female-8, Janajati-31, dalit- 1, from various organizations participated in the NPDRR meeting.

Major Highlights

  • The program was initiated with the chairing of Mr. Prem Kumar Rai, Secretray of Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa, Chairperson of DPNet-Nepal was invited in the dias as a chairperson of NPDRR secretariat.
  • The program was followed by National Anthem, moment of silence for the people who have lost their lives in various disaster and introduction of the participants.
  • Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa delivered the welcome remarks and shared the brief information of the meeting.
  • Altogether, 4 presentations were shared in the program. Mr. Man Bahadur Thapa, Country Representative of ADPC and Advisor of DPNet-Nepal shared the presentation about NPDRR, its objective, principal, major function and achievement. Ms. Krishna Karkee, Regional Program Officer, DCA and co-coordinator of AINTGDM shared the presentation entitled “INGO’s Contribution for Localization of DRR&M Policy and Strategic Action Plan. Mr. Raju Thapa General Secretary of DPNet-Nepal shared the annual activities and action plan of NPDRR Secretariat. Similarly, Mr. Sushil Bhandari, Section officer, MoHA shared the presentation entitled “DRR Project Mapping System”.
  • Various concerns were raised by the participants in the program basically focusing on the support and need of strengthening the secretariat. They also shared that the platform should also be formed in provincial and local level and while supporting the local level on formulating the local level policies, there should be the ownership of the local level government. They further emphasized on the need of data management, documentation and sharing of activities conducted to avoid the duplication.
  • Ms. Indu Ghimire thanked all for the active participation and focused her remarks on maintaining the coherence in each level of government, while delivering our programs. She also shared that in order to receive the disaster information, MoHA is working out to include relevant questions in the 2021 census questionnaire.


Mr. Prem Kumar Rai, Secretary of MoHA delivered his closing remarks. In his remarks, he shared that the meeting has decided the following points, which will be included in the meeting minutes.

  • Review and finalize the SoP of NPDRR. Six member committee including MoHA, MoFAGA, DPNet Nepal, UNRCO, AINTGDM, Nepal Geological Society and FNCCI are included in the committee.
  • Organize consultation workshop to provide inputs (relating to DRR&M) on the 15th Plan Concept paper (2076/77-2080/81) drafted by National Planning Commission as soon as possible.
  • Strengthen the secretariat of the NPDRR, therefore every stakeholders need to contribute to strengthen the secretariat.
  • Organize Mini AMCDRR type conference on DRR&M each year.