DPNet Koshi Province Committee Formed

  May 14, 2024

On May 12, 2024, a DPNet Koshi Province Committee Formation Meeting was organized by DPNet Nepal at Biratnagar. The meeting was attended by DPNet members of Koshi Province including Nari Biwash Sangh, Bikash Sahajikaran Sanjal, Jalpa Yekikrit Samaj, HUSADEC Nepal, Nepal Gramin Punanirman Sanstha (RRN), Lutheran Samudayik Kalyan Samaj, LWF Nepal, Social Network for Justice and Development (SN-JD), Sahara Nepal, Baal Sewa Samaj along with Dr. Raju Thapa, Chairperson, Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa, Immediate Past President (IPP), Mr. Kedar Neupane, Advisor, Mr. Suraj Gautam, General Secretary and Mr. Harshaman Maharjan, Deputy General Secretary of DPNet Nepal.

Dr. Thapa introduced DPNet among participants, highlighting DPNet as a key national umbrella organization aimed at enhancing disaster management in Nepal through a unified approach involving national and international agencies, with a core focus on fostering coordination, collaboration, learning, and sharing of experiences to strengthen disaster management practices, playing a crucial role in knowledge management, capacity building, policy advocacy, and facilitating networking among government and relevant stakeholders, boasting a unique relationship with the Government of Nepal, particularly with the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA), serving as a bridge between governmental and non-governmental agencies in disaster management, and as the Secretariat of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR), DPNet-Nepal endeavors to convene DRR stakeholders on a common platform for more effective disaster preparedness and management across the country, with significant contributions in advocating for the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act and supporting the formulation of subsequent vital policies. He expected similar coordination role of DPNet Province Committee in Koshi Province.

Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa, emphasized the establishment of the DPNet Committee in the Koshi province, highlighting that such committees have already been formed in six other provinces. He stressed that the primary objective of setting up these committees at the provincial level is to ensure that DRR efforts are carried out with the same diligence as at the central level. He also emphasized the importance of a Provincial Platform for DRR, calling for coordinated and collaborative efforts from all stakeholders.

Mr. Suraj Gautam, General Secretary, DPNet Nepal,  emphasized that in the coming future we will be developing the program from the DPNet Central Committee aiming at sensitizing the provincial committees so that provincial committee will also explore more initiatives to engage provincial stakeholders

In Koshi Province, DPNet has thirteen member organizations are members these include, Nari Biwash Sangh Biratnagar, Bikash Sahajikaran Sanjal in Gaighat Udaypur, and Jalpa Yekikrit Samaj Udaypur in the Triyuga municipality of Udaypur. Additionally, HUSADEC Nepal from Dhankuta, Nepal Gramin Punanirman Sanstha (RRN) in Biratnagar, and Lutheran Samudayik Kalyan Samaj in Rangeli-2, Morang were present. Other participants included LWF Nepal from Damak Jhapa, Social Network for Justice and Development (SN-JD) in Jhapa Birtamode, and Sahara Nepal from Birtamode. Furthermore, Habitat Nepal from Biratnagar and Baal Sewa Samaj from Khotang Diktel were part of the committee formation. These organizations play vital roles in community development, disaster response, and capacity building across various districts within the province, contributing to the collective efforts in disaster risk reduction and management.

The DPNet member organizations in Koshi Province in a common consensus established a committee consisting of 9 members, with Sita Sharma from Nari Bikash Sangh appointed as the Chairperson. The committee includes Durgananda Chaudhary from DIFAN as the Vice Chair, Kumar Chudal from SNJD as the Secretary, and Kamala Basnet from Jalpa Udayapur as the Treasurer. Additionally, the committee comprises Matrika Subedi from Sahara Nepal, Yubraj Rijal from Bal Sewa Samaj, Krishna Govinda Adhikari from HUSADEC, and Josef Suren from LCWS as members.

After the formation of DPNet Koshi Province Committee, Dr. Thapa extended congratulations to the newly appointed coordinator and all participants, emphasizing their dedication to collaborating closely with the provincial committee to effectively enhance disaster risk reduction efforts across Koshi province.