Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Training

  Dec 10, 2018

DPNet-Nepal with the financial and technical support of CBM had organized two disability inclusive DRR training for the representatives of member organizations of DPNet-Nepal from Province 1, 2 and 3 at Kathmandu on 6-7 December 2018, whereas, members from Province-5,6,7 joined the training at Butwal on 16-17 December 2018.The training was inaugurated formally with the objective sharing and welcome remarks. Mr. Sunil Sun Shakya, individual consultant (leader trainer) and Mr. Krishna Sunar, Program Officer CBM facilitated the training sessions in Kathmandu whereas, Mr. Govinda Chaudhary from partner organization of CBM supported the facilitation in Butwal along with the lead trainer.

Altogether, 27 participants from 27 member organizations, disaggregated as 12 female, Janajati-8, Madhesi-1 participated in the Kathmandu training, whereas, 15 participants from 15 organizations disaggregated as female-5, Dalit-2, Janajati-2 participated in the Butwal training. The two days training content was focused on the introduction of disability, DRR&M cycle, issues of disability during disasters, barriers of persons with disability in disaster risk reduction and management and ways to overcome the barriers. The provisions relevant to person with disability in the DRR&M Act, Sendai Framework for DRR were also shared in the training. The training was organized in an interactive way including exercise, group work and video documentary. The Pre-test and post-test evaluation conducted at the beginning and end of day-1 and day-2 showed that the participants had enhanced their knowledge about the disability and DRR. The two days training was closed with the learning sharing of participants (one male and one female), lead trainer and distribution of certificate of completion of DIDRR training to the participants