Earthquake Resistant Houses in Nepal: A Demonstration Model for Tri-Agency Region Project Completion Report


This document is a project completion report jointly completed by the Shelter Development Program (SDP) DCS, Butwal, and the School of Shelter and Environment (SSE) on “Earthquake Resistant Houses in Nepal: A Demonstration Model for Tri-Agency Region (ERH). This project facilitated the flood victims of Basantapur, a village in southern Nepal, to construct 20 Earthquake Resistant Houses including one community resource center and one primary school building. 

The project set five objectives to achieve its goal in Basantapur, Dhamauli VDC. Firstly, it aimed to sensitize the community about natural hazards, particularly earthquakes, through non-formal education classes by September 30, 1998. Secondly, the project sought to inform selected beneficiaries about simple economic techniques for constructing seismic-resistant buildings by January 31, 1998. Thirdly, three training programs were planned to train 30 to 45 individuals, including building technicians, masons, and carpenters, in constructing better seismic-resistant buildings by September 1998. Fourthly, the project aimed to support 12 to 16 households, including a community center, in constructing seismic-resistant buildings with community participation by September 30, 1998, promoting skill transfer and sustainability. Lastly, the project aimed to prepare a final report and audiovisual materials for regional dissemination by December 31, 1998.




DCS Butwal, Nepal

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