Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Landslides in the Sedimentary Terrain: A Case of Siwalik zone of Babai watershed, Nepal


This document is report of a study conducted in the Siwalik zone of the Babai watershed, focusing on evaluating the spatial and temporal behavior of landslides. The analysis is based on various factors such as topographical, geological, and hydrological attributes. To gather the necessary data, a polygon-based landslide spatial inventory and spatio-temporal inventory from 2010 to 2019 were prepared using satellite imagery from sources like Sentinel-2, USGS, and Google Earth. This study identified a positive correlation between total annual rainfall and landslide frequency in the area. The findings from this study can be beneficial for researchers and policymakers in understanding landslide mechanics and implementing measures to ensure safe settlements in the region.


Research Paper


Bharat Prasad Bhandari, Subodh Dhakal


SN Applied Science

Published Year: