Nov-Dec 2023 DPNet eBulletin


This eBulletin highlights a comprehensive effort to address the aftermath of the Jajarkot earthquake in November 2023, detailing the mobilization of the DPNet and numerous stakeholders towards effective disaster response and future preparedness. A virtual discussion initiated by DPNet gathered over 150 stakeholders to strategize immediate actions and coordinate efforts, emphasizing the necessity of field assessments and data collection to tailor responses to affected clusters. It showcases the collaboration between various organizations, government bodies, and individuals to assess needs, provide immediate relief, and strategize long-term recovery and resilience building.

The formation of the Doda Watershed Multi-Stakeholder Platform and the Provincial Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (PPDRR) in Sudurpaschim Province represents a strategic move towards holistic development and disaster risk reduction, involving local governments, NGOs, and community members. These platforms aim to implement comprehensive risk reduction efforts, promote early warning systems, and enhance climate resilience. The Participatory Review and Reflection Workshop for the SUDRIDH Project, in collaboration with USAID Tayar Nepal, reflects on the project's phases, learnings, and future pathways for DRR planning. It highlights the importance of networking, quick response, and policy-based discussions in enhancing DRR practices.

The Learning of Anticipatory Action Scoping Study, organized by DPNet and Oxfam, introduces anticipatory action as a crucial strategy in disaster management, focusing on policies, plans, and early warning systems to mitigate disaster risks effectively. Finally, the Interaction Program on Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction in Bagmati Province highlights efforts to evaluate and enhance disaster risk governance, emphasizing the need for collaborative training, data management, and resource mobilization among government tiers and sectors for effective disaster management. This series of initiatives and discussions encapsulates a multi-faceted approach towards disaster preparedness, response, and resilience, showcasing the collective commitment of various stakeholders to mitigate disaster impacts and enhance community resilience.


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