Nov-Dec 2022 eBulletin


This Bulletin highlights DPNet's significant achievements in localizing and institutionalizing Sphere Standards, focusing on the collaborative efforts between DPNet and the Government of Nepal. During a Sphere Regional Focal Point meeting in Bangkok, DPNet showcased how Sphere Standards were integrated into Nepal's disaster risk management practices, notably through MoFAGA's Disaster Risk Management Localization Manual.

In 2022, extensive training covered all 753 local governments, reaching over 19,500 local representatives and staff. Innovative strategies, including the translation of Sphere and related standards into Nepali and the use of folk songs and dramas for awareness, were instrumental in these efforts. Furthermore, DPNet's initiative to distribute the Sphere Handbook widely across local government offices and DRR trainers facilitated a broader understanding and application of Sphere Standards. This initiative not only marks a significant stride towards enhancing Nepal's disaster management and humanitarian response but also sets a commendable example for other countries in the adoption of humanitarian standards, with the Sphere secretariat and international community recognizing Nepal's pioneering efforts and dedication to improving humanitarian assistance quality through the Sphere Approach.


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