Sep-Oct 2022 DPNet eBlletin


This eBulletin highlights DPNet's proactive engagement and strategic initiatives in disaster risk reduction (DRR) and management from September to October 2022, highlighting a period of intensive preparation, reflection, and advocacy on both national and international platforms. The journey commenced with the APMCDRR Official Statement Finalization Meeting on September 4, 2022, organized by the Disaster Preparedness Network Nepal (DPNet). The meeting aimed to consolidate Nepal's official statement for the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (APMCDRR), drawing insights and feedback from over 2500 stakeholders to craft a comprehensive reflection of Nepal's DRR landscape. The finalized statement, enriched with contributions from various sectors, underscored Nepal's vulnerability to natural hazards, the learnings from the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, and the nation's strides in legal frameworks, international collaboration, and DRR capacities. Further preparatory meetings facilitated by DPNet ensured Nepal's cohesive and informed representation at the APMCDRR, emphasizing the nation's achievements in reconstruction, resilience, and the integration of indigenous DRR practices. These sessions culminated in a pre-departure meeting on September 17, 2022, rallying prospective APMCDRR participants around Nepal's DRR narrative and strategic presentations planned for the conference.

The post-APMCDRR Review and Reflection Meeting on September 30, 2022, offered a platform for participants to share their experiences, key learnings, and the impact of Nepal's engagement at the conference. Discussions highlighted the significance of indigenous knowledge, community involvement, low-cost DRR technology, and an inclusive approach to DRR that addresses the needs of all community segments. Insights on resilience culture, anticipatory actions, and the importance of community-driven DRR investments further enriched the discourse. Simultaneously, Nepal observed the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction on October 13, 2022, with a focus on "Multi-Hazard Early Warning System and Early Action for All." This observation, organized by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) and NPDRR in coordination with DPNet, highlights the critical role of early warning systems in effective disaster management.

A national symposium convened stakeholders to delve into the current practices, challenges, and opportunities in developing a comprehensive early warning system for Nepal. The discussions highlight the necessity of enhancing local community capacities, the role of community-centric early warning systems, and the imperative for increased investment in DRR and preparedness. Throughout these engagements, DPNet's commitment to building a resilient society, capable of mitigating and responding to disasters, was evident. The period was marked by a collective effort to advocate for DRR on a global scale, reflect on the learnings, and reinforce the national DRR agenda. By emphasizing indigenous practices, community engagement, and inclusive strategies, Nepal continues to pave the way toward a disaster-resilient future.


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