May-June 2022 DPNet eBulletin


This report highlights activities and discussions in the DRRM sector in Nepal from May to June 2022, emphasizing collaboration and strategic planning among various stakeholders. A key event was the virtual discussion program organized by DPNet on May 11, 2022, on the Zero Draft GPDRR Position Paper, which was prepared in support of the GPDRR Preparatory Task Group and attended by notable figures including Mr. Anil Pokhrel, Executive Chief of NDRRMA, and Mr. Pradip Kumar Koirala, Chief of Disaster and Conflict Management Division, Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA). This discussion aimed to consolidate a position paper reflecting Nepal’s stance on disaster vulnerability, management strategies, and the integration of climate actions with sustainable development goals, emphasizing a no-one-left-behind approach.

Feedback from various participants highlighted the need for inclusiveness, with suggestions for making the report more reader-friendly, emphasizing gender responsiveness, and including successful case studies in disaster management. The meeting resolved to form a seven-member committee to refine the position paper further. Moreover, the formation of a DPNet Province Level Committee in Gandaki Province on May 27, 2022, aimed at enhancing regional collaboration in DRRM efforts, showcasing DPNet’s initiative towards decentralizing disaster risk reduction strategies. The participation of Nepal in the 7th session of the GPDRR 2022 in Bali, Indonesia, from May 23 to 28, coordinated by DPNet as the secretariat of National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR), marked Nepal’s active engagement on the global stage. It offered an opportunity to share Nepal's achievements, learn from global practices, and engage in strategic discussions on enhancing disaster resilience. The event emphasized the critical role of early warning systems, community-based approaches, and the importance of integrating disaster risk reduction with climate change adaptation.

The 26th Anniversary of DPNet-Nepal on June 8, 2022, reflected on the year’s achievements, including partnerships, projects, and the role of DPNet in coordinating efforts towards a more disaster-resilient Nepal. It also highlighted the importance of media engagement in disaster risk communication, as discussed in the orientation program for journalists on the hydro-meteorological forecast system on June 19, 2022. Finally, the preparation for the APMCDRR 2022, discussed in a meeting on June 20, 2022, illustrated a strategic approach towards showcasing Nepal’s DRRM initiatives. It highlighted the significance of collaborative action, inclusive participation, and the development of a unified position paper to effectively represent Nepal at the conference.


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