Scenario of Disaster in Karnali Province (कर्णाली प्रदेशमा विपद्को अवस्था)


The presentation overviews the historical disaster situations in the province, encompassing floods, landslides, fires, and earthquakes. Mr. Rokaya, representing MoIAL, highlighted the province's recent response to the Jajarkot Earthquake, allocating substantial funds for affected districts to support rescue and relief operations. He emphasized the close collaboration between the provincial emergency operation center, and national, and district-level centers, ensuring effective coordination at the local level. The significance of the Group Accident Insurance Program Operating Procedure against Disaster Risk, 2079, was underscored, providing collective disaster accident insurance coverage for human losses. Mr. Rokaya also noted ongoing efforts to ensure infrastructure within the province and highlighted the ministry's involvement in constructing warehouses and conducting informative programs to raise awareness about disaster risk reduction at the grassroots and in local schools.




MoIAL, Karnali

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