SUDRIDH Project: Learning from Program Execution and Future Planning


Mr. Kshitiz Paudel provided an overview of the achievements and insights derived from the USAID Tayar Nepal grant, highlighting its role in strengthening the Disaster Governance System and enhancing DRRM capacity at various government levels. Notable outcomes include the establishment of thematic groups, knowledge-sharing platforms, and policy dialogues addressing diverse themes. Emphasis was placed on the need for improved implementation and coordination among governmental, non-governmental, and CSO bodies involved in disaster management. The presentation covers vital topics, including pre-disaster counseling, early warning systems, private sector engagement, market system resilience, risk transfer and financing, and multi-level disaster risk governance. The presentation underscores the importance of simplifying insurance policies, enhancing multi-level coordination, and fostering collaboration with diverse stakeholders. It also outlines plans for future initiatives, such as conducting policy research, addressing gaps in non-governmental engagement, and leveraging indigenous knowledge for regional and international exchange, contributing to an overarching vision of comprehensive disaster risk reduction.




DPNet Nepal

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