Bagmati Province Monsoon Preparedness and Response Action Plan, 2023 (वागमती प्रदेश मनसुन पूर्वतयारी र प्रतिकार्य कार्ययोजना, २०८०)


This legal document prepared and published by the Provincial Government of Bagmati Province is an action plan prepared as a guideline for preparedness and response to the Monsoon disasters. Since Bagmati Province is prone to monsoon disasters like Landslide, Flood, Lightning and Thunderbolt, epidemics like Diarrhea and Dysentery, Glacial Outbreaks and accidents this action plan has been prepared to minimize the risks from these disasters that incorporates information on the ways to prepare for monsoon disasters, and hazards, and also the best possible ways to respond after any mishaps occur during the monsoon season. This plan majorly focuses on the flood response and preparedness in the Bagmati Province.


Legal Document


Province Level


Provincial Government, Bagmati Province

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