Sudurpashim Province Monsoon Preparedness and Response Action Plan 2023 (सुदूरपश्चिम प्रदेश मनसुन पूर्वतयारी तथा प्रतिकार्य कार्ययोजना, २०८०)


The monsoon preparedness and response plan begins with an assessment of the impact and risks associated with monsoon disasters. It includes a background overview, analysis of monsoon forecasts, and the current disaster risk situation. The purpose of this assessment is to establish clear objectives for preparing and responding to such disasters. The action plan creation process is outlined, detailing the methodology used to develop effective strategies. The main basis of the monsoon preparedness and response action plan is also discussed, highlighting the foundational principles guiding these strategies.

The monsoon preparedness and response plan involves several key components. It identifies the main stakeholders involved in disaster preparedness and response and outlines the disaster response framework. The plan includes detailed actions for monsoon preparedness, ensuring that all necessary measures are in place before the monsoon season. In terms of response, the plan covers search and rescue operations, emergency communications, and relief coordination. It addresses various subject areas such as health and nutrition, education, conservation, and social security, ensuring that essential services are maintained during and after a disaster. Additionally, the plan focuses on water sanitation, camp coordination and management, and the provision of emergency shelters. It also includes measures for food security and nutrition, monitoring and guidance of response efforts, and the establishment of a response command post to oversee and manage the disaster response effectively.


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Sudurpaschim Province


Government, Sudurpaschim Province

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