DRR&M Act for Khumbu Pasang Lahmu Rural Municipality 2017 (खुम्बु पासाङ ल्हामु गाउँपालिकाको प्रकोप ब्यबस्थापन कार्य योजना विनियम कार्यविधि २०७४)


This document is an act published by the Khumbu Pasang Lahmu Municipality, Soulkhumbu, Government of Nepal regarding the Disaster Management Action Plan in the mountainous regions (regions in high altitude). It incorporates acts regarding earthquakes, fire, flood/landslide, and avalanches along with pandemic hazards. This document comprises pre and post-disaster preparedness and response plan in the context of the mountainous regions of Nepal.

Among 753 local-level governments in Nepal, the Disaster Act of Khumbu Pasang Lahmu Municipality was selected as a representative DRR&M act of the regions in the high altitude of Nepal. This act is also available on the website of the Khumbu Pasang Lahmu Municipality.


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Khumbu Pasang Lahmu Municipality, Soulkhumbu, GoN

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