Landslide Hazard Assessment Between Besi Sahar and Tal Area in Marsyangdi River Basin, West Nepal


This article paper overviews the Landslide hazard assessment between Besi Sahar and Tal area in Marsyangdi River Basin, West Nepal. Landslide hazard assessment is crucial for understanding slope failure risks. In the Besi Sahar-Tal area of the Marsyangdi River basin in west Nepal, a Logistic Regression Model was employed to create a landslide hazard map. Factors like elevation, slope, land use, geology, rainfall, lineament density, and stream density were considered. These parameters were prepared in GIS, and logistic regression analysis was conducted using SPSS. The study identified five hazard zones, with the high-hazard zone predominantly located along the Marsyangdi River and its tributaries.


Research Paper, Report


Subash Acharya, Dinesh Pathak


Int. Journal of Advances in Remote Sensing and GIS

Published Year: