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National Disaster Risk Reduction Policy & National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategic Action Plan (NDRRP&NDRRSAP)

  Sep 15, 2018

National Disaster Risk Reduction Policy (NDRRP) & National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategic Action Plan (NDRRSAP) are the legal documents formulated by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Nepal. Nepal as a signatory nation of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR), these documents is formulated on the basis of it.

DPNet-Nepal in coordination with Association of International NGO's Task Group in Disaster Management (AINTGDM) had raised a basket fund through the contribution of 17 AINTGDM Member organizations to facilitate and support Government, Ministry of Home Affairs for the formulation of NDRRP & NDRRSAP.

Six National thematic experts for each Thematic Working Group (TWG) were deployed by DPNet-Nepal, for a period of 20 working days. UNDP had collaborated with Practical Action Consulting (PAC) to provide technical support to the TWG and to prepare the final document. DPNet-Nepal coordinated with Ministry of home affairs, lead, co lead ministries, contributing agencies and stakeholders to organize two regional level workshops, seven district level consultation workshops, 12 TWG meetings, Steering Committee Meetings, NDRRP & NDRRSAP finalization meeting.

Several consultation workshop and meetings provided good insights to formulate the policy and action plan whereas comments received from various agencies were decided to incorporate and finalize the document in NDRRP & NDRRSAP finalization meeting. The process envisaged engagement of government agencies, non-government organizations, private sector, humanitarian agencies and development partners to jointly review the efforts made so far and discuss about the future priorities.

The participatory way of formulation of the legal instruments is good to build a feeling of ownership of the document among the stakeholders and public.