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Low Cost Landslide Risk Management Measures Piloting at Siranchok Rural Municipality Gorkha

  Nov 11, 2021

The project entitled “Low Cost Landslide Risk Management Measures Piloting at Siranchok Rural Municipality Gorkha” by Disaster Preparedness Network-Nepal (DPNet) in collaboration with Shree Swanra Integrated Community Development Center (SSICDC) and Care Nepal was carried out on 12th April, 2021. 

The "Dalit Basit" was highly vulnerable to disaster. The monsoon rain usually affects the community and the road blockage was the major problem. 

A field visit was undertaken by DPNet representatives, government officials, Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Journalist and representatives from Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN), District Disaster Management Committee, Municipality Disaster Management Committee, National Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Authority (NDRRMA), National Association of Rural Municipalities of Nepal (NORMIN), SSICDC Gorkha, other concerned stakeholders in landslide site at Siranchok, Gorkha for this project using indigenous knowledge and practices. Stakeholders then observed the site and addressed the vulnerable communities. Landslide mitigations were discussed by officials on the landslide site about the durability. On the site the various activities were done for mitigation:

  • Debris clearance from the landslide body,
  • Trimming the possible fallen mass at crown part of landslide
  • Diversion drain at above the landslide to divert the rain water above the landslide
  • Surface drain (conversion drain) at the landslide with turfing to prevent surface and gully erosion.
  • Construct the breast wall.
  • Construct the gabben wall for retaining the fallen mass at the toe part of the landslide.
  • Provide the wipe hole on the gabben wall to reduce the pore water pressure.

There was a masonry wall already part of which was damaged by the slide. So, the masonry wall was constructed as it existed in the past. It takes care of the soil pressure as well as water pressure, the latter through the provision of the weep holes.
While on field visit various technical queries from stakeholders. The questions related to landslide about the durability of landslide, stability of landside were cleared by Prof. Dr. Jib Raj Pokhrel, the Team Leader of the project and past VC of NAST.


The piloted area was highlly vulberable to disaster. There This year the rainfall trend was higher than last year. But this year there was no blockage of road and the vulnerablility of the piloted area was decresed. The Dalit basti"