WEBINAR- “Coordination meeting on COVID 19 response”

  Jul 11, 2021

The virtual meeting was organized by Disaster Preparedness Network- Nepal (DPNet) between DPNet members, cluster co-leads, AINTGDM, Board Member, Advisory Committee and Technical Advisors on 12th May 2021 with the objective to discuss on coordination and joint effort for COVID 19 response. Altogether 41 participants joined the event. The program was initiated with welcome note from Chairperson Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa. He also highlighted the objective of the meeting. He emphasized on the need of coordination and joint response on COVID 19.

Discussion Points

  • Strengthening coordination between Federal, Local and Provincial Level on COVID 19 response.
  • There is a need to be prepared for monsoon along with COVID 19.
  • Data need to be collected from local level on the number of affected people in coordination with local agencies so that targeted response can be done.
  • Volunteer mobilization at isolation center and community level must be focused to contain and maintain the patient with mild symptoms at home isolation so that hospital is not overloaded.
  • Interface must be clear and focal agency need to be identified for information flow and fill the coordination gap.
  • Identification of hotspot to operate fever clinic and agencies to support those clinics.
  • Press statement to be released by DPNet.
  • DPNet to coordinate with private sector for medical supply and response.
  • Formation of task force needed for COVID 19 response
  • Sensitization through media is also equally important
  • Agencies to support in information dissemination in their working areas
  • DPNet can operate helpline and can do the media campaign for COVID 19 response
  • There is a need to work on holding center
  • Support health post and make them equipped for response
  • Coordination with FNCCI for vendor mapping for medical supplies and prepare rooster of supplier
  • Organize regular program and bring health experts to share information and health tips on COVID 19
  • Coordinate with nursing association’s loose network for volunteer mobilization and agencies to make the logistical arrangements.
  • Basket fund to be collected for the response

Decision taken:

  • DPNet to prepare proposal for COVID response
  • DPNet to release Press Statement
  • DPNet to appeal for funding from agencies and individual.

Action points for short, medium and long term

Short Term

Medium Term

Long term

Urgency for medical equipment support

If lockdown extends need to work on livelihood

Involve private sector in planning and management of future response in disaster

Sensitization/awareness raising

Design a project to cater need to vulnerable (poverty, elderly, people living with disabilities)

Support on livelihood activities for the vulnerable communities

Information and data gather for the number of people affected in coordination with local level so that agencies can support based on the priority

As monsoon is approaching planning for preparedness for flood and landslide required along with COVID

Services at health post in Gaupalika to be strengthened

DPNet to lobby for Health Emergency declaration so that international funding can be scaled up

Private sector engagement for continuous management of medical equipment


Local actors/ civil society organizations to be mobilized for effective response

Operate helpline


Humanitarian agencies to support clear the bottleneck, if any

Services at health post in Gaupalika to be strengthened


Volunteer mobilization at the community level to make community aware on when to go to hospital to seek medical care so that people with mild symptoms do not overcrowd the hospital.



Coordinate with nursing association loose network to mobilize at COVID response. Explore with agencies for financial support for volunteers



DPNet to play important role in coordination as humanitarian agencies are not directly connected hence there is coordination gap.  Instruction and information needs to flow from the focal agency.



Explore with government on expected support needed so that the duplication is avoided. DPNet or any other anchoring agency to coordinate mobilizing the resources



Fever Clinic to be operated to categorize the affected on their severity.  DPNet to identify the hotspots for fever clinic and seek support from member agencies



DPNet to take lead to lobby on health or humanitarian need forecast so that the demand versus supply is met.



Coordination with private sector for life saving support and response



Medical equipment, medicines are not available at the local area, hence DPNet to facilitate and link with agencies that provide these equipment’s.



Rooster of Supplier to be made



Need for formation of task force for COVID response at community level



Volunteer mobilization for psychosocial counselling



DPNet to play bridging role to release mobility restrictions for humanitarian work



Donors and INGOs to support on holding center so that the spread is contained



DPNet can operate Helpline and can do digital media campaign



DPNet to work with editor of digital media for news with progressive impact.



Develop a technology platform and invite experts from different sectors like (health, psychosocial etc) and share their expertise/tips on COVID 19 through media



DPNet to initiate for basket fund for COVID response.

DPNet to prepare a concept note to appeal for contribution both at institutional level and individual level.