The Subjective Committee Discussion Program (International Non-Governmental Organization INGO)

  Mar 13, 2022

The Subjective Committee Discussion Program (International Non-Governmental Organization INGO) under the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction was organized by DPNet in collaboration with National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) in Alpha House, Baneshwor on 10th March, 2022. Mr. Dinesh Gurung, Program Manager, Dan Church Aid welcomed everyone and highlighted the objective of the program.

Major Highlights
  • Dr. Dijan Bhattarai, Under Secretary of NDRRMA highlighted the role of National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction NPDRR and how all the 9 different groups of stakeholders have the responsibility to strengthen DRRM in Nepal. He added on the coordination role of INGOs in DRRM such as transparency regarding funding in DRR, keeping that information in, adding information to the dissemination portal to ensure its availability, funding to be allocated to the prioritized areas and providing assistance on developing different kinds of policies the nation needs. He shared that discussion was required with all the stakeholders for formulating the position paper with all nine thematic areas.
  • Mr. Kailash Rijal, General Secretary of DPNet, highlighted how NPDRR was formed to strengthen the capacity of NDRRMA with the establishment of different working groups. He added that DPNet is considering conducting a conference with the stakeholders for the development of draft position paper. 
Major Discussion:
  • Define clear roles of INGOs in for Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) 2022.
  • An action plan should be formulated that aids the DRRM plan of Nepal.
  • Different task groups should be formed to formulate the action plan and assign responsibilities as per the thematic priority of action.
  • Revise the previous five year plan to inject points to ensure coherence in the 8 priority areas of NDRRMA.
  • INGO thematic group of NPDRR to provide technical assistance to develop the position paper.
  • DPNet Nepal should develop a drafting committee in NPDRR ensuring the involvement of all 9 groups.
  • A consultation workshop to be conducted at the end of March for further discussion on the guideline. 
Mr. Dinesh Gurung gave a vote of thanks and closed the program.