Second Periodic Meeting (Semi Government) under the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

  Mar 20, 2022

The second periodic meeting (Semi Government) under the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR) was organized by DPNet in collaboration with National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) via Zoom on 18th March 2022. Mr. Bishwo Raj Baral, Chief Executive Officer, Nepal Bank Chaired and mediated the program. Dr. Raju Thapa Acting Chair, DPNet Nepal welcomed everyone and highlighted the objective of the program. Altogether, there were event 12 participants in the program.

Major Highlights

  • Dr. Dijan Bhattarai, Under Secretary of NDRRMA shared the status of NDRRMA. He explained about the different NPDRR thematic groups and said each group has their own guideline which provides supports for collaboration among its members. He further clarified about the working area of NDRRMA and shared the importance of coordination and collaboration with different stakeholders. He shared how semi government organizations can strengthen the country's DRR&M sector, developing a rooster for DRR&M and working guidelines for NPDRR. It is important to make a roster of a semi government organization working in DRR&M.
  • Dr. Raju Thapa, Vice Chairperson of the DPNet, highlighted the importance of exhibiting a position paper from Nepal in the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) 2022. He requested the semi government group to put forth ideas for a position paper and how to brainstorm on ideas Nepal can showcase for GPDRR. He added that the semi government thematic group is an integral group that can help the nation with its DRR&M activities.

Major Discussions

  • There needs to be more participation among the members of the semi-government group.
  • The guideline needs to be validated as soon as possible in order to establish the proper coordination and collaboration among the members of the thematic group.
  • The participants of the meeting made the decision to have an in-person meeting to formally establish all the groups.
  • There should be clear coordination and collaboration between the members of the group so that necessary actions can be taken for the nation.

Mr. Bishwo Raj Baral, Chief Executive Officer, Nepal Bank, encouraged all participants to attend the next periodic in-person, to work towards their common goal to achieve DRRM. He thanked all members of the group for their active participation and closed the program.