Second National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR) Meeting

  Apr 27, 2022

The second national NPDRR meeting was organized by NPDRR and the program was coordinated by DPNet in Hotel Himalaya on 25th April, 2022. The program was chaired by Mr. Anil Pokhrel, Executive Chief of NDRRMA. The Special Guests of the program were Mr. Pradip Kumar Koirala, Joint Secretary of MoHA/Chief of disaster and conflict management division and Ms. Anita Niraula, Joint Secretary of NDRRMA. The participants of the meeting were representatives from MoHA, NDRRMA, DPNet and the thematic group.

Dr. Raju Thapa, Acting Chair of DPNet presented about The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) which is going to be organized in Bali, Indonesia on 23- 28th May. GPDRR-2022 stands for global platform for disaster risk reduction and has several themes such as disaster risk governance, COVID-19 recovery and DRR financing. He further highlighted that this global platform will address disaster risk reduction & management and climate change and it will focus on early warning action sharing and official statement sharing.

Mr. Anil Pokhrel, Chief Executive of NDRRMA said that Nepal has to take the ownership to form the official statement and GPDRR preparatory task group should be formed. This task group will then draft an official statement for the upcoming GPDRR-2022 conference, as appointed:
1.     Coordinator, Ms. Anita Niraula
2.     Member, Dr. Raju Thapa
3.     Member, Dr. Samir Kumar Adhikari
4.     Member, Mr. Dinesh Gurung,
5.     Member, Mr. Surya Narayan Shrestha

He then along with Mr. Pradip Kumar Koirala, Joint Secretary of MoHA/Chief of disaster and conflict management division, Ms. Anita Niraula, Joint Secretary of NDRRMA and the team decided that this task group will present the ‘draft outline official statement’/zero draft by 28th April. NPDRR thematic groups were then requested to send the contents to be accommodated in the official statement and the GPDRR preparatory task group will assess the received contents and prepare a draft official statement. The GPDRR preparatory task group will again assess the feedback and prepare the final draft of the official statement to be shared at the official statement sharing meeting  to be held on 30th April.

The meeting then decided to propose following contents in the official statement;
  • Strengthening and managing diversities in DRR and climate risk, understanding and governance of risk, early warning and action and sharing official statements.
  • Disaster risk financing, nature based solutions, learning from COVID -19, data challenges, strengthening governance, inclusive and resilient recovery in urban context.
  • Action on climate and disaster risk, empowering the most at risk through social protection, embedding risk in investment decisions, enhancing understanding and management of disaster risk in humanitarian contexts and accelerating financing for risk prevention
The meeting also decided to aligned official statement to GPDRR scheduled as:
  • Progress made since the last global platform: progress made in implementing sendai framework, national and local DRR strategies and sendai framework implementation.
  • Risk informed public and private investment: risk informed investments, build back better, leaving no-one behind (investing in local action and empowering those most at risk), DRR investment, health issues in DRRM policies and promoting locally led DRR.
  • Climate change action and DRR for all: national DRR strategies and climate national adaptation plan, role of infrastructure in reducing disaster risk, integrating risk management ecosystem and water related risk, multi-hazard early warning system and achieving climate and disaster resilience.

The feedbacks in the official statement will be incorporated and finilized whereas the final touch will be given by Mr. Anil Pokhrel, Executive Chief of NDRRMA. The official statement will be finilized on the deadline of 1st May,2022. The official statemnet then will be elaborated to form the position paper. The commitee then decided Mr. Gehendra Gurung to prepare the draft of the position paper and AINTGDMCC to support finincially and technically. Mr. Anil Pokhrel, Executive Chief thanked everyone and scheduled the further meeting on 30th April and closed the program.