NGO Subjective Committee Periodic Meeting

  Mar 13, 2022

The NGO subjective periodic meeting was organized by DPNet Nepal in collaboration with NDRRMA in 4th March, 2022 at Alpha House, Baneshwor. The program was chaired by Mr. Daya Sagar Shrestha, Coordinator of NGO Subjective Group. He welcomed everyone and highlighted the objectives of the program. The Special guest of the program was Dr. Dijan Bhattarai, Under Secretary of NDRRMA. The guests of the program were Dr. Raju Thapa, Acting Chair of DPNet, . Altogether, 15 participants joined the program.
Major Highlights
  • Mr. Bishnu Prasad Timilsina, General Secretary of DiMaNN shared about the endorsement of NGO Group Operation Guideline 2078. He shared the objectives, provision regarding the members in the committee, power, yearly meeting procedures, roles and responsibility of the Subjective Committee. He said that this should be inclusive in nature and this type of committee should be disable friendly and GESI friendly.
  • Dr. Raju Thapa, Acting Chair of DPNet shared about the 9 thematic group and its subjective group formation. He said that these groups should be disable friendly and GESI friendly. He then highlighted the importance of NGO groups. NGO groups have always worked on the frontline during pandemic and disaster, but the documentation of these works has not been highlighted more. He further shared about the National Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (NCDRR). NCDRR comprises various events such as paper presentation, market place exhibition, essay competition prize distribution, Sphere lok dohori and so on. He further said about the position paper as well.
Major Discussions
  • The guideline should be very clear and easy to understand. If the provisions are too bulky it would be difficult to understand.
  • It was discussed about the coordination and collaboration of NGO groups with other thematic groups. It was also discussed about making this subjective group vibrant.
  • It was discussed about applying advocacy on localization.
  • NGO should be proactive and share the work done from the ground level.
  • It was discussed about making the NGO group inclusive in nature. We should ensure gender balance in the group.
  • It would be better if NGO could make good relations directly with international treaties.
  • The further strategies of NGO Subjective groups should be made.
Mr. Daya Sagar Shrestha, said that the NGO subjective group will be open affiliated to everyone. He requested some provisions and gave responsibilities such as:
1. DiMaNN to work as Secretariat of the NGO subjective group. This will be valid for 1 year.
2. The Asia-Pacific forum will be participating in this forum.
3. The sub group of the NGO subjective group will be formed (i.e Women, Dalit, Disable, Old Age…. Etc).
4. Grant Bergen localization- responsibility to DEPROSE
5. 5 year NPDRR - NGO Action Plan revision support – responsibility to DPNet and DiMaNN.
6. Mid- term review/ Sendai Review- responsibility to YFEED Foundation and Woman Humanitarian Platform for DRR.
7.  Position Paper formation committee- responsibility to DPNet, DiMaNN and NIDWAN.
Mr. Bishnu Prasad Timilsina, gave a final thanks vote to every participant and closed the program.