11th Annual General Assembly of DPNet-Nepal

  Sep 15, 2018

11th Annual General Assembly of DPNet-Nepal was conducted on 11 th -12 th April 2018. The AGM has elected new executive committee lead by Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa for two years. 

11 th Annual General Assembly of DPNet-Nepal was conducted on 11 th -12 th April 2018. The AGM has elected new executive committee lead by Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa for two years.DPNet-Nepal conducts a general assembly every year and shares its financial progress report, program progress report; audit report and the general assembly elects a new executive committee every two years.
The program started with the chairmanship of Mr. Ram Chandra Neupane, chairperson of DPNet-Nepal and executive committee members of DPNet-Nepal. Mr. Bishnu Prasad Kharel, Vice chairperson of DPNet-Nepal shared the welcome remarks and the objectives of the program. He mentioned the possible pull factors like:  partnership approaches that DPNet can take in coming days with involvement of expertise, professionals, from different sectors, develop strategic approach to disaster preparedness and response, ensure inclusive participation, partnership with rural municipalities and finally establish the network at national and international level. He also hoped that all DPNet-Nepal families and the new executive committee will work to address challenges of DPNet from its settlement to strategies.
With the delightful presence of more than 60% members of the general council, 11th general assembly of DPNet-Nepal proceeded with recitation of schedule of the day by then chairperson, Mr. Neupane.
Signatories Selection:
With the common understanding of the general assembly, three members of the committee \ were appointed as signatories for signing the meeting minutes of the general assembly. The names are as follows:
  I. Murari Binod Pokhrel, Life member, DPNet
  II.  Mrs. Mridula Sharma Dhakal, WCDF, Makawanpur
 III. Mr. Dhanpati Dhungel, FAYA-Nepal
Committee Formation:
 In the schedule, two committees: Internal audit/social audit Committee and Monitoring and Evaluation Committee were to be formed. The committee was believed to ensure and focus on accountability and transparency, quality assurance, timely activities and act as supporting models for good governance as these features are core part of DRR and humanitarian sector.
Internal audit /Social audit Committee:
The general council decided on a newly elected executive committee to form this committee.
Monitoring and Evaluation Committee:
Monitoring and evaluation committee is supposed to  carry out the tracking of the DPNet activities independently which assures the trust of the partners and concerned authorities.  Following members of the general council were selected for this committee:
I. Dr. Ramji Bogati, RHF
II. Dr. Krishna Paudel, NGS
III. Mr. Ramesh Tuladhar , NGS
The tenure of the newly elected executive committee is for two years and the committee has a lot of opportunities in the new federal scenario of Nepal along with many challenges ahead. Members of the general assembly now have expected the executive members to work in a balanced way transparently. The committee carries the sharp hope of betterment in communication, coordination, advocacy strategies in innovative ways as this committee has proactive youth representatives.  With the final hours full of positive wishes to the newly elected committee and hope and commitments to work together for strengthening DRR&M in Nepal, the two days program was closed fruitfully.