May 07, 2021


The virtual meeting with Disaster Preparedness Network- Nepal (DPNet) Board Member, Advisory Committee and Technical Advisors and Capacity Building Project team was held on 6th may 2021 with the objective to share project agreement signed between DPNet and USAID/Tayar. Altogether 27 participants joined the event. The program was initiated with welcoming notes from Chairmanship Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa. Dr. Raju Thapa, General Secretary of DPNet initiated the meeting welcoming all the members inviting Chairperson to highlight on the objectives of program. He emphasized on the need of discussion and to clarify the roles and responsibilities of DPNet for the project as well as in a situation of COVID-19 pandemic. New project team introduces themselves and there was a short interaction between participants and new project team.

Major Highlight

Mr. Bimal Gadal, Team Leader DPNet briefed about the “क्षमता अभिबृद्धी capacity enhancement project”. He gave introduction, background and highlighted on the objectives, activities to be carried out, budget and expected outcome of the project. He shared the goal of the project that is to strengthen the DRRM governance system through the implementation of key priorities identified by DRR National Strategic Plan of Action 2018-2030. He added that the project is implemented to improve national, provincial and local level systems and intuitions, build the capacity of provincial government and humanitarian actors for the disaster preparedness, response and recovery. His presentation further highlighted the need to improve the knowledge and skill on DRR, SPHERE Standard and to develop effective coordination mechanism among wider stakeholders. He added that this project will apply GESI and MEAL Framework to see how gender and social inclusion will be integrated throughout the project cycle management stages. At the end of presentation, he requested DPNet Board Advisors to support and cooperate to make the project success. Then the floor was opened for the discussion.

Discussion Points

  • Mechanism should be developed to localize NPDRR at Federal, Provincial and Local Level.
  • Strengthening coordination between Federal, Local and Provincial Level through this project is equally important.
  • Project should be designed and implemented remaining within the mandate of DPNet Nepal.
  • Signed project should be utilized as an opportunity to explore sustainability of DPNet itself and also to increase project as well as DPNet Visibility in Nepal.
  • Chairperson highlighted the need of the day in Pandemic and role that DPNet can play to support the government of Nepal and hospitals across the country. DPNet can advocate with the development partners to allocate 5% of their development budget to support the government in responding to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Some advisors and board members to prepare for upcoming monsoon that may cause huge damage among the vulnerable population in Nepal.
  • It was suggested to do a survey on the learning from Covid 19 last year and the best practice that can be replicated in the coming days.
  • DPNet to advocate for cluster activation to minimize the secondary effect of Covid 19.
  • It was also advised to find ways to collaborate with AINTGDM
  • Monitoring team should be formed  to monitor the project progress
  • Replicate the learning of earthquake response on complain handling that can be used for COVID-19 Response as well.


Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa, Chairperson of DPNet, in his closing remarks welcomed the new project team and thanked all participants, advisory board member for their valuable time. He expects equal level of support from the board members, advisory committee and technical advisors to make the project success in coming days.