Training on Emergency Response and Contingency Planning

  Jan 24, 2020


Training on

Emergency Response and Contingency Planning

22nd January 2020, Two days of training on emergency response and contingency planning was jointly organized by DPNet-Nepal and Kirtipur Municipality in Kirtipur on 21st and 22nd January 2020. Altogether 27 participants disaggregated as 14 female, 2 Dalit and 17 Janajati representing ward chairperson, local disaster management committee members and stakeholders participated in the training. Chairperson of DPNet-Nepal, Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Coordinator of the local disaster management committee of Kirtipur Municipality were present in the opening session of the training.

Mr. Ganga Ram Maharjan, Coordinator of the local disaster management committee of Kirtipur Municipality shared that the municipality has initiated DRR&M programs and welcomes all participants of the program. Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa, chairperson of DPNet-Nepal shared that disaster preparedness is most to reduce the disaster loss. He also highlighted the need and importance of capacity building programs at the local level. Ms. Saraswati Rijal Khadka, Deputy Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality shared that 1 percent of the program fund is allocated for disaster management funds. She also shared that we forgot about disaster once it is over, so there is a need to realize our responsibility for preparedness. Mr. Ramesh Maharjan, Mayor of the Kirtipur Municipality shared that disaster doesn’t come with an invitation, so we need to be prepared for all time. He also added that we need to identify the hazard for preparedness. He also shared that this training has initiated an institutional collaboration with DPNet-Nepal. The practice of using electronic banner instead of flex banner and use of paper cups avoiding the plastic cups was also intiated in the training to organize it in an envrionment friendly way.  

The technical session of the training included the session regarding emergency response and contingency planning. Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa delivered the presentation entitled “Learnings of Gorkha Earthquake”, whereas, Mr. Raju Thapa, facilitated the session on “DRR terminology”. Similarly, Mr. Anil Maharjan, Program Manager of Nepal Red Cross Society facilitated the session on “Introduction of emergency response and contingency planning”. The session on legal provisions of emergency response and a contingency plan was facilitated by Mr. Bishnu Timalsina, General Secretary of DiMaNN.

Ms. Luna Khadka, Program Coordinator of DPNet-Nepal facilitated the sessions on “Hazard and Resource mapping”, “Sharing of Disaster scenario on the basis of 3 major hazards identified on the basis of hazard ranking”, “Steps and format of contingency plan”, “Group work on developing the emergency response and contingency plan on the basis of disaster scenario” and sharing the sample contingency plan. She also moderated the overall training program. During the training, participants identified the major hazards and developed the draft contingency plan on the basis of the scenario of three major hazards, Fire, Earthquake and road accident. As a part of environmental mainstreaming, participants were also shared about the issues of the environment during an emergency and asked to consider the environmental impact while drafting the contingency plan. 

Two participants (1-male and 1-female) briefly shared their learning and observation of the training. The program was closed with the remarks of the Mayor of the Kirtipur Municipality. He requested the LDMC coordinator of the municipality for the follow-up plan and future initiatives and thanked DPNet-Nepal for the collaboration.